Winetasting and Penguins with Cape Splendour Tours

13th October 2021
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Winetasting and Penguins with Cape Splendour Tours


In the beginning of March 2020, just before the Coronapandemic toke over the world and South Africa went in to total lockdown, our group of 10 friends went on a week tour with Cape Splendour Tours. Well let me tell you, actually Cape Splendour Tours is just one lady, the lovely Mrs. Julie Clarke. She arranged a week tour including winetasting and a day tour around the Cape Peninsula. For 3 days we went on a winetasting tour in the wine areas of Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschoek. We already made a list of which wineries we wanted to visit and Julie just filled in the blanks. That’s the good thing about Julie, she doesn’t always do a standard program, but she listens to what her customers want and makes a program according to your wishes. She has lots of contacts and a great knowledge of the area. This knowledge especially came out when we did the tour around the Cape Peninsula, including a visit to Cape of Good Hope and the penguins at Boulder’s Point.
A special mention has to go to our driver during this week, Mr. Clarence Prince, the most positive and cheerful man you will ever meet! Always on time, driving carefully and a great sense of humour. Me and him got on like a house on fire.
So when all this Corona madness is over and your going to beautiful South Africa, make sure to contact Julie Clarke at Cape Splendour Tours!

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