Cape Town Climate

Uniquely situated between the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, the city of Cape Town enjoys mild rain winter seasons and pleasantly warm dry summer seasons. Temperatures in December to February range from around 18°C-32°C, whilst in the winter months of June to August average temperatures are between 14°C-23°C.

Rainfall is very low in summer and moderate throughout the rest of the year. People from abroad normally visit Cape Town in the summer season from late October to early March. Foreigners always tell me the weather is Mediterranean, with little rain in summer. Mid summer time we enjoy up to 14 hours a day sunshine with romantic sunny evenings sets a mood for a glass of wine while watching the sun set.

If you want to escape the northern hemisphere in winter, Cape Town is most definitely going to appeal to those who love dry warm summer weather. Contact me for information if you would like to know more about our wonderful country and what it has to offer you.

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"While I was in South Africa I was lucky to be shown around by a fantastic private tour guide, called Julie Clarke. She is very good, knowledgeable, reliable and good fun too!"

Bettie Goud 26th June 2015