Moonstruck on Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach, Cape Town

One of the things that I really love about Cape Town is the opportunity of getting out there with other Capetonians and lucky visitors to celebrate the natural beauty of the place and the diversity of its people.

Clifton Beach, Cape Town

One annual event on the calendar which facilitates that is the Moonstruck Concert which is held on Clifton’s Fourth Beach at Full Moon around the 14th February.

Clifton Beach, Cape Town

Around 2 000 folk from all over Cape Town and beyond descend on the beach in the afternoon armed with picnics and are entertained by some great local talent.

A few brave souls take a dip in the chilly Atlantic, whilst the majority just relax and enjoy the vibe and the music.

The sunsets are always spectacular at Clifton and the  people all enjoy one another and really do our Rainbow Nation proud!


I just Love Cape Town!

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